Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DAY 5 leona george

i pick this picture because is all green and a lot of shapes and it look like a hand if u see it closer.
what is it? is like a type of plant.
what patterns does in nature shows? the patterns are green and it has a lot of shapes is like lines.
why did i you pick this picture? i like it and the colors like red and this picture has a lot of shapes.
what is it? this is a chines tree.
what patterns in nature does it shows? the lines are so colorful it makes when the sun reflect this it looks with a lot of colors.

why i choose this picture? i choose this because the sun reflect this kind of tree and i like how it look on this picture i aim the camera to the sky and take the shoot to this tree.
what is it? like a tree or a pin
what pattern that it show? the lines of the tree and the shapes makes colorful with the sun.
why did u pick this picture? i pick this picture because i like the color green and and the shapes and is reflected with the sun that's how the the plants is colorful.
what is it? is a plant.
what pattern in nature does it show? the shapes are on the lines of the plant and those lines makes the flower to grow.

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